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King of Fruits’, Mango is favorite of all from children to aged. But one sad fact is we can’t have it in all seasons. Therefore, we, Rajni Food Product launched the Mango Pulp containing the goodness of Mango and its real taste. Kengo Mango Pulp is sweet in taste and has golden pulp extracted from “Kesar” mangoes – a sugary item native to North India. Apart, this pulp can be used broadly in preparing varities of sweet items such as ice cream, shakes, pies, yogurt drinks and cake sponges. We have made this product with a focus on taste and health as well. Our products have been made using real mangoes and contain no added colors. One can consume it without worrying about side effects on health. In addition, we offer Fruit Juices and Allied food products also. Over the years, we have established ourselves as one of the leading manufacturers, exporters and traders in our functional domain. We’ve grand collaboration with Leading Shopping Malls, Departmental Stores and Retail Customers also and they used to keep heavy stock of our products.



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